Sunday, November 9, 2008

Adventures with Ms. Mohn

Meet Eva

adventurous, enthusiastic, beautiful, sporty Eva. She's the newest member of the company this season. She's also my homegirl - Minnesota grown.

On our free day Friday, we headed out on our bikes down the river.

Fred joined us for the first hour of his long run. Still looking strong at halfway. Nicht aufgeben, Freddy!

We arrived at our destination ready for a break....

And were sad to find out the bikers' beergarden is only a summer joint.

So we explored the village...

The craziest thing about these german villages is that no one is ever there. There are lawn ornaments, there are cars in the driveways, the church bells are ringing....

I start to wonder, are they all in there watching us from behind the curtains?

So we headed back up the river towards Kassel.

And landed at the cafe on the plaza of the Orangerie, which sits at the foot of the theater in the Aue park. Tea and Mohn cake (poppy seed!) sitting outside in the sun, watching the dogs and the kids, thinking, For two girls from Minnesota, this life ain't half bad.

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lisa said...

Live the dream Lily!
what a fantastic day.