Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hamburg Marathon wrap

Sunday morning we got up ridiculously early and rode up to Hamburg for the marathon.

Spring was popping, the sun was out, it was warm, pretty much perfect.

Lily dipped out to the docks while I warmed up...

she took in the famous fish market...

Then she joined the (huge) crowds at the 10k mark... and the 17k mark, and the 41k mark... she beat me to every spot. My girl's got speed.

At 10k, I was relaxed and feeling good. In fact, everything went precisely according to plan... until 30k, when my crappy paper startnumber tore and started to fall off. I made a critical mistake in trying to re-attach it while still running. In the process, my gut cramped up. I spent the next couple miles trying to get it loose so I could breathe/run, because my legs still felt great, but every time I tried to get back up to speed, the cramping returned. Bummer. So I shuffled home in 2:48:48, about 9 minutes slower than my goal, but not upset about the whole thing. I ran the race I wanted to run on a beautiful day in a beautiful city. What can you do?

Videos of me in the race are available here.

Post-race, I snagged Lily and we dipped over to "The Park Slope of Hamburg" for a bite to eat among the baby strollers and pure breed dogs...

1:00 p.m., that magic time...

where beer meets coffee!

Lily and I both had crazy Hamburg envy.


lisa said...

looks like it was a beautiful day.
sorry you stomach was evil (you still a run like a gazelle).
I love magic hour coffee and beer are great friends!
love ya

EQUINOX said...

wow i forgot the best part about the marathon is being done by 1pm, and, having run 26 miles, needing nothing else but beer and the admiration (and consolation?) of ones partner. and beer!