Monday, September 28, 2009

New York News

Monday morning... I wake up at Karl's place after my first good night's sleep in a week... I wake up sick, a nasty throat, most likely from not sleeping and go-go-going since last week:
Get the grades in - jump on the (wrong) train to Frankfurt - fly to London - fly to New York - wake up at 5 every morning - scout some rock bands at the knitting factory - Eat plenty of tacos - drive up to beacon - buy plane ticket to indiana - drive back to New York three hours later - raid friends' record collections for Toni&Tom's wedding - get up early friday to knock the last long training run down - don't sleep - see Madeline - See the Zubas - See Eric & Addie - See Raul the Jewel - grab a quick drink with Isadora - hear all about it - get second winds at strange hours - realize I'm eating a lot of junk food - load in, set up, dj party, break down, load out - spend sunday brunch-hopping in a steady rain - sneak in a recovery run at dusk - come home to sunday night sushi and a brilliant bottle of saki ("Wandering Poet") with Karl - eyelids drooping by 10:00 - attempt to load pictures of Wandering Poet and sweet-cured black beans - realize the new computer doesn't have my camera software - figure MoC readers can settle for a pic-free post if I promise to hit them up later.

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