Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why, after the great artists,

do people ever try to do anything again? Only because, from generation to generation, through what the great artists have done, the instincts change. And, as the instincts change, so there comes a renewal of the feeling of how can I remake this thing once again more clearly, more exactly, more violently. You see, I believe that art is recording; I think it's reporting.

Francis Bacon
from the interviews by David Sylvester

Waste Not by Song Dong @ MOMA

...and me, imagining Raul's grandmother's house and attic full of toys.

An interactive piece at MOMA where everyone adds his or her name and height

...and bathroom scrawl at a bar in Brooklyn.

More art at MOMA

....power plant on DeKalb Ave.

Sweeney Agonistes, a Francis Bacon triptych

...graffiti diptych, Elizabeth St. and Bowrey.

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