Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Football's back!

Lily left for a convention in Dusseldorf this morning, so tonight Jason and I kicked it on the couch over dinner and first round Champions League action between Athletico Madrid and Schalke '04. There is no joy in Gelsenkirchen tonight... Madrid poured it on, 4-0. We, however were happy to empty a few bottles of an Eritrean lager I don't even think my father has ever had the pleasure to savor.

For some reason, Diego Maradona was at the game, so the TV cameras kept showing him cheering and singing and canoodling with his supermodel girlfriend in a luxury box. This struck me as strange because A) he was everywhere during the Olympics (I mean, they were cutting to him in the stands at a frickin' women's FIELD HOCKEY match!), and B) he never even played for Madrid. Barcelona? okay, I can see that. Napoli? gotcha. But Athletico Madrid? A free Eritrean beer to the person who can tell me why this might be so.

1 comment:

Geoffrey said...

Because he's a fat, crack headed pimp?

That's my guess, but I could be wrong.