Sunday, August 7, 2011

mystical summer of 2011 mixtape

...for the summer the bats flew in the house, the summer you did kung fu in the yugoslavian hills,  drove the new vw van to croatia, scaled the factory wall untethered.  crowns were everywhere, graffitied on walls and tattooed on arms, on the heads of models and dangling from the mirror in your  borrowed apartment next to the sticker that said OHNE FETT. 
it was the summer Istanbul kept coming up.  first your visit to the jail on your birthday to see if the revolutionaries would be freed,  later the tales of tea shop back room mobster bosses.  istanbul and therapists - and therapies, and the conditions that preempted them.  
so when the results of the summer of 2011 roll in, here's your soundtrack.   for when the needle's in the bone, when the high-resolution photos are interpreted, for peeing into cups and the five minutes it takes to move the IV from the crook of your elbow to the back of your hand.  the soundtrack for when the grades are sent out and blood work comes in and more weights are added to the machine.  for the exact hour, minute and second the doctor calls with results you've waited two years for and for what your heart does when you walk to the window and she rounds the corner.  

beastie boyes feat. santigold - don't play no game that i don't win
jamie xx - far nearer
robyn - hang with me

hayes carll - beaumont
elite gymnastics - so close to paradise
ghostnotez - FACT
mount kimbie - would know
domain - bright lights
bonobo - we could forever
deerhunter - he would have laughed
gil scott heron + jamie XX - NY is killin me
chemical brothers - container park (hanna soundtrack)

st etinne - only love can break your heart
baby d  - i need your lovin
lewis taylor - send me an angel

whole albums:
james blake

bon iver
thom yorke / burial / fourtet

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lisa said...

the new beasties are rocking this side of the pond to be sure. that shit is the mad notes!