Monday, April 25, 2011

Wir wollen alle fröhlich sein

Just back from a long Easter weekend in Berlin. There was ice cream and karaoke in the Mauerpark,  chocolate cake with prosecco in the afternoon and at the dinner party the germans cooked spargel because it's that time of year.  There was hopping up and down at the club with the 19 year olds and a performance by clowns from three countries inside a former squat and buying a ring with a sheep on it at a sidewalk sale from two 8 year old girls and there was lots of music at the cathedral on Easter Sunday.  "Wir wollen alle fröhlich sein" (We all want to be joyful) even got sung twice, which seemed fitting.  More than anything there was time on the balcony, in the park, lying on the grass, grafitti hunting on the streets.  The sun didn't stop shining, and that was really all anyone could ask for. 

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