Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Current Issues

I've got poems in a few new magazines, plus new work online this week.
Consider this beach reading for the poetry set.

This week I'm the featured poet at No Tell Motel, with new poems daily. Their archives are a lot of fun, too. Dig in.

Issue #8 of A PUBLIC SPACE includes "The dead of winter."

LUNGFULL! #17 is Mr. Yuck green and includes "The line ending forever," a page of its typescript first draft, and a description of the process of writing the poem.

issue #20 includes "Birdsong trumps dumptruck" among its poetry, recipes and industrial safety tips. Better wear a helmet.

vol. 2 comes out this month and includes a section from my poem "Stains." This magazine is so cool - the covers are old matchbooks, so it is very small. My copies haven't landed yet (and they're not for sale yet on the SFP website), but Hoa Nguyen got hers and found a dollhouse music stand on which to display it. Savvy.

My MATCHBOOK will look even smaller on our new furniture find, which I can't resist posting because it's so HOT. It's the bottom of a 1930s bureau, found as an older man was cleaning out his mother's home.

Two meters long...

Lovely details...

Happy reading!


lisa said...

so glad to hear of all your writing successes and floored by your fab furniture find.
wonderful that things are going so well.

EKR said...

beautiful! Looking for similar luck-out in Driggs. Can't wait to go to the poetry swimming hole-you been workin' boy!