Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rockstar Homework

In a former life, Eva was a rockstar...

She was in a cool indie rock band with her sister (left). I used to work in clubs and would always get depressed by bad band names, and delighted by good ones. "Coach said not to" is a REALLY good one.

They got a lot of shine at SXSW (THE big music festival in Austin, TX) three years ago. Much like these guys did this year. But Eva wanted to dance, so now she's here, taking it to a different stage.

Last week she asked if we could have music lessons. I play nothing, but as you may know, I have records. Eva claims spotty music knowledge, so we arranged for a series of listening sessions. Last night went like this:

Uptown soul. Strictly for the grown and sexy. Adult music for serious times.


Portrait of the artist in exile - any album that begins "One day I had to leave my country..." is a must.

We wrapped up Lesson I with another artist who took it to Europe when things got too heavy in the new world. This is live in Paris. This scares me sometimes.

You have your assignment. See you next week.


onikaaru said...

Never has a homework assignment been such a pleasure!

My LPs are all packed up for the Wednesday move... but I will make a point of doing some focused listening once I unpack.

The Nina is super-ill. She may be the baddest of al bad mothas... and at a strong point on this one.

Caetano makes me want to cry because it's too beautiful. And too true. (I hope it's drizzley when I play this).

Don't know "Authority" but I wish I did because the cover is that dope. I'll find something by Patato to fill-in... though the cover really makes me want to listen to a Sesame Street record.

Also don't have the Tyrone Davis, but I'll go with the Time "What Time Is It?" instead.

Fred said...

excellent work, Oni-san.

All the Patato LP (Latin Percussion) lps are great. There is also one called "ready for freddy."

Between this s/t CV and "Transa" you have all the english-language melancholy goodness you can handle.

I would also accept "Fear of a Black Planet" in place of the Tyrone Davis (Flavor Flav clocklace styles).

Va said...

wowy! that girl looks like a head-case! thanks for the list of LP's. I am going to do my study session and come with questions next time--a la LP trivial pursuit genus addition V.

also, thank you for the date with the highlighter!!!