Friday, December 26, 2008

Gentlemen who cook

Ladies everywhere agree

A man who who can cook is a good man to find.

Last night these four held it down: Fred on main course duty, Cesar coming through with the Columbian flavor, Chris Jaeger assisting in the kitchen and delivering a touch of Deutschland for dessert, and Chris Andraka bringing it all back home with good old American Pie.

Now, for a man who cooks to be truly happy, he needs a woman who eats at his side. Lisa, Brea, Eva and I were more than willing to comply.

After dinner we played many rounds of Assassin, a parlor-game where, with each round, a killer secretly murders one person in the group and a doctor secretly saves one life. Everyone else's job is to find out who the killer is. And who turned out to be the most stealthy of all assassins? You'll just have to guess....

While the gentlemen focused on cooking, Eva took it away in multiple categories. Not only did the girl bring some great food, but she scored the audio goodies of the season:

Complete with Stollen recipe on the back...

...for next Christmas.

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